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Personal Pages
Amnah’s Page
Geocities Website created by Amnah, a graduate of University of Jordan’s Pharmacy Program. Featuring Amnah’s photography of her colleagues, study notes, and a page with photos of the Second Intifada
Zuhair’s Page
Bio Page on the Geocities website of Zuhair Annab, a retired doctor born in 1922 who owns a farm he calls Serenity World, proudly details the success of his siblings and children, and recounts devastating stories of Israeli occupation
Reality of Palestine
A Passionate statement decrying the Occupation of Palestine, and the media's failure to expose it. Filled with very moving gifs
The Martyr Alaa Barghouthi
A page mourning the loss of a martyr named Alaa Barghouti
Art + Culture
Al Aqsa Tour
An interactive tour of Al-Aqsa mosque, featuring a labeled map and sequential gallery of images of various parts and structures of the mosque
Samia Halaby's Page
Writings on Palestine by visual artist Samia Halaby, sequenced with her own artwork. Also includes writings by Samia on fellow Palestinian artists
Funny Pictures!
A compilation of funny and damning photo edits and political cartoons of American, Israeli, and Palestinian Leaders
Aqwa Man's Page
Homepage created by a Palestinian student in the Chicago area compiling links to cultural, arts, religious, and news websites
The holly land......Palestine
Homepage compiling English and Arabic links to various news sites among others, which bookend gifs of Al-Aqsa and the murder of Mohammed Al Durrah
Palestine Times Jerusalem
Front page of an online magazine created on AOL. Featuring many gifs and links to Palestinian and International websites, as well as advertisements for a dating service
Palestine Papers
A webpage of compiled writings on Palestine by two activists in California
Online Magazines
Front page of a primarily educational and literary Arabic language magazine
Jerusalem, I love you
Monthly magazine based out of Saint Paul, Minneapolis, featuring writing on culture, news articles, pictures, readers mail, and links
Palestine Times UK
Monthly magazine based out of London featuring articles, analysis, comments, and press cuttings
Palestine Info Center
Front page of English language daily news site containing stories and photos of the occupation, as well as political analysis
Hamas Info Site
Section of Palestine Information Center Website containing communiques from and information about the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement
Al Quds
Front page of Arabic language daily newspaper based in Jerusalem
From the river to the sea